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If you are going to New York soon, you will want to bring back some souvenirs from your trip. During a little shopping session, you will have a lot of choices and you will be able to find a more or less original gift to bring back from the Big Apple, either as a present or just for yourself. Here is a small selection of souvenirs to bring back from New York.


Let's start with the classics – those souvenirs that proudly display their place of origin, and that will be perfect if you want to bring back a small souvenir, for your loved ones or for yourself.  


t shirt i love new york

This t-shirt is probably one of the top 3 most popular New York souvenirs. In fact, you'll probably see people wearing these shirts around the city, and there's very little chance that they're New Yorkers.

When you get back home, you can show off your love for New York by wearing yours. Even if you don't really dare going outside with this shirt, you can keep it for your days at home, and no doubt the mere sight of it will be enough to put a smile on your face.

You'll find shirts like this absolutely everywhere and in all sizes, but I'd still advise you to avoid the really cheap ones if you don't want to buy a shirt that won't survive more than a few trips through the machine.


This is the world's best-selling cap. This cap with the New York Yankees logo has become a symbol of the city around the world, reaching far beyond the world of baseball.

You won't have much trouble finding a shop that sells this mythical cap with the letters N and Y intertwined.

bring back souvenir new york

You can find them everywhere in Times Square, but also in the official Yankees shop, which is located inside Yankee Stadium. It’s even better if you’ve bought New York Yankees tickets 🙂


mug new york

Here is another classic New York souvenir. Every morning at breakfast you will be reminded of your trip to New York. In all souvenir shops, you can find the typical "I Love New York" mug, but also many other models decorated with some of the symbols of the city – such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the famous yellow cabs or the Manhattan skyline .


You thought it couldn't get any more cliché than the t-shirt? Think again 🙂 These little statues may seem awfully cheesy, but they'll make a great souvenir. You can find them absolutely everywhere in New York, in all kinds of sizes and prices.

Some are perfect reproductions of very good quality, and others are simple plastic trinkets. If you want an authentic miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty, you can find one in the Liberty Island shop.

What to bring back fron New York?

 Unforgettable memories 💭

New York is a destination full of activities to do. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do them all due to lack of time or budget. But I can assure you that some activities can leave a lasting impression on you.

The helicopter ride I took over the city and Central Park is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. That feeling of having your feet hanging in the air makes for an unforgettable moment 🤩

Some observation platforms like the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock or even the most recent one, The Edge, will also leave you with views & memories forever etched in your mind. Museums, Broadway musicals, and many other activities will also leave their mark on you!

Most of the activities in the city remain affordable (bar a few) and will let you have fun during your stay and create memories that will stay with you forever 🙂



Not all souvenirs have to be purchased. Of course, you can make your own memories for free by taking pictures during your trip. Some items that may seem insignificant can also become precious souvenirs over time.


what to bring back from new york

Yes, a $1 note is not exactly free... but you have to admit that in the grand scheme of things, you don't need to buy this souvenir! By keeping a "greenback" with you, you will get a typical New York souvenir. Of course, you can also keep other notes if the $1 note is not your favourite, or if you want to collect several.

While you're there, keep an eye on your change as well – especially your quarters. A commemorative Quarter featuring the map of the city and the Statue of Liberty, which was released in 2001, could also make for a great souvenir of your trip to New York.


metrocard new york

During your stay in New York, you're bound to visit some museums, go to a baseball or basketball game, see a Broadway musical and do a whole host of other activities.

You'll probably also get to ride the New York City underground.

Instead of throwing away all those tickets, why not keep them? These tickets take up very little space, and they'll be lasting memories of your trip. Later, when you look back at the photos you took during your trip, you can also take the opportunity to look at your MetroCard and all those admission tickets, to remember the good times you had in New York.


New York is of course a dream destination for shopaholics. In addition to designer boutiques and luxury shops, you can find fashionable clothes and accessories that will make perfect souvenirs.

The caps

I mentioned the famous New York Yankees cap earlier, but that's far from the only cap you can buy in New York. On every shopping street you can find at least one shop that specialises in selling caps.

You'll find caps featuring every pop culture icon, every sports club in the country, and many more.

You can even create your own custom cap. Lids, which has several shops in New York, including one on Broadway, will allow you to create the design you want. You can choose the text and font you want, and the machine will embroider your design into a blank cap or into any of the caps in the shop. It’s the ideal way to bring back an original souvenir of your trip.


Would you like a pair of personalised sneakers in the colours of New York? In the city's many shoe shops, you will not have much trouble finding a large number of different models, some of which are particularly original. But you can also customise your shoes to make them absolutely unique.

At 560 Broadway is located the largest Converse shop in the world. In the basement there is a real design studio where you can let your imagination run wild. With the help of an iPad and a special sneakers design application, you can choose the size, the type of laces and, of course, the patterns that will decorate your shoes. If you have a sample image, you can even send it by email so that the design can be reproduced on the sneakers.

It will only cost you $25 more than the original price of the shoes. Once you've finished your design, you'll need to come back the next day to pick up your unique pair of sneakers.

Levi’s JEANS

The cost of living in New York is particularly high, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of your stay to buy one of the only things that is often cheaper there than elsewhere: jeans.

The OMG chain of shops specialises in discount clothing. In these shops you can find jeans of many brands and even other types of clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, jackets and bags.

However, the best deals to be found are those on Levi’s jeans, which are often half the price of those in the UK! During the sales, you can even find discontinued models for just over $10.

There are a total of 4 OMG shops in New York, and they are all located on Broadway.


If you're looking for a little souvenir to bring back to your loved ones and want to make sure they're happy, bringing back a snack is a great idea, especially since you'll have plenty of choice in New York :

  • In Times Square, you can find an M&M's Store that sells a wide variety of M&M's: mint, peanut butter, almonds, coconut, raspberry... you can even personalise your M&M's by choosing what will be written on them.
  • Also in Times Square, you can visit Hershey’s Store, where you'll find some chocolate treats that will be perfect for your friends. You'll find products from popular US brands such as Reese’s and Twizzlers.
  • You've probably already seen the famous Lucky Charms in a TV series or film. These little cereals made of oatmeal and small pieces of marshmallows may be hard to find in your own country. If such is the case, why not buy some in NY to bring back with you? They've been a hit in the US for these last 50 years, and you can find them in any supermarket!
  • Oreo Triple Stuff are Oreo biscuits, but with three times the filling?, A genius idea, isn't it ? In almost any supermarket, you can find these cookies that are sure to please those with a sweet tooth.

And that's it for this article on souvenirs to bring back from New York 😄 I hope I was able to give you some ideas to please yourself and your loved ones.

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