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You’re not yet sure where to stay in New York but you're leaving soon? No worries! You've come to the right place! 😉

For many travellers, finding the perfect accommodation for a trip to New York is an important and often time-consuming step. New York is not known for its low prices when it comes to accommodation!

But never fear – with my advice, you will find where to stay in New York by reading this article! 

I explain everything in this article, give my best plans and favourite addresses, and will help you know which district to choose and what budget to plan 😊

Cheap accommodation in NEW YORK

"Where to sleep for cheap in New York?” — This is the question I get asked every time!

Even if the definition of "cheap" is quite relative in New York, it is possible to find accomodation for as cheap as €100 (£77) a night.

I'm talking about a decent double room, and not located on the other side of the city (no point in wasting an hour in the morning and evening commutes).

And yes, this is the minimum budget you will have to spend to sleep in a double room in New York.

Moreover, if you want to get the best prices, you will have to think about when to go to New York – avoid the high season of the summer school holidays, for example.

HOw to choose a hotel in NEW YORK ?

hotel manhattan new york

If you book far enough in advance, you can find good deals in the Manhattan area directly! But you'll need to book well in advance, for there will be few good deals left as early as one or two months before your departure.


So as soon as your travel dates are set, I suggest you look at where to stay in New York and book your accommodation.

The Manhattan area is really TOP for accommodation in New York: you will be close to all the different places of interest. On the other hand, it is also the most expensive area to sleep in New York... And therefore not necessarily affordable for all 😔

To save money (or to discover another atmosphere), I advise you to look into other neighbourhoods such as Brooklyn, Queens, Chelsea or Greenwich Village.

There are many possibilities – you just need to find a hotel close to an underground station. Remember that New York is a huge city, so choose a well-located hotel to avoid wasting too much time getting around.

Don't worry though, no matter which area you choose, you will be able to get to Manhattan in 15-20 minutes by underground!

Staying in the heart of the city 🏙

the square hotel

If you want to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the city during your stay, and if your budget allows it, I recommend choosing a hotel in the city centre. It will cost more than staying in a more out-of-the-way accommodation, but you will have the advantage of having everything close-by and won't have to lose time on transport.

The Square Hôtel is for example a very well located hotel in Manhattan (right next to Times Square, close to Central Park & the Empire State Building,...) and will meet all your expectations. It could be a very good choice to fully enjoy your holidays 🙂 

To find out more about this hotel CLICK HERE

My ADdRESSES for cheap accommodation

When going to New York for the first time, you don't necessarily know which neighbourhood to choose to find a cheap hotel. Well, it's easy: to find a room with a good quality/price ratio, you have to move away from the heart of New York!

The further away you get from the heart of Manhattan and the city's top attractions, the lower the hotel rates start to fall.

For example, Brooklyn and Queens are the best places to stay, with rooms averaging $100/night in low season. And the environment is generally quite pleasant!

Find cheap accommodation in Brooklyn 

If you go to Brooklyn, you will be ideally placed to discover the famous Brooklyn Bridge in the early morning 😉

You can also easily stroll through Brooklyn Bridge Park and wander through the large Brooklyn Flea Market. Not to mention that you will be able to spend your evenings in the area’s trendy bars.

This district of New York is my second favourite place to stay in the city, after Manhattan.

One of my favourite places to stay in Brooklyn is the Pod Brooklyn Hotel.

The rooms are chic, simple, very design and clean. The best part? About €100 (£77) a room in low season.

It’s nothing fancy, but all the essentials for a good night's sleep are present and it is within walking distance of an underground station.

accommodation in new york


Queens is also a great district to stay in, and even cheaper than Brooklyn. You can visit the Museum of Moving Image, Flushing Meadows Park (where the US Open takes place) or the Mets Stadium (baseball team). In this neighbourhood, you can also find the Rockaway beach!

In this area, I recommend a rather nice hotel where I already slept and that I also recommended to friends who were planning a last minute trip to New York. 

The rates are pretty good and you will be 2 minutes away from the New York underground and, from there, 20 minutes away from Central Park.

Really perfect to move around freely and without spending too much time on travel every day.

The LIC Hotel is therefore a good choice of accommodation in the Queens district, plus you will get a great view of the skyline from its rooftop.

lic hotel new york
view from the rooftop


Yes, if you plan well in advance, there are indeed some hotels in Manhattan that are accessible from 110 euros (£85) a night in low season (and about 150 euros (£115) in high season). They are not the most luxurious hotels (and certainly not the most stylish ones ahaha) but they are located in the heart of New York!

Hotel 31 is one of the most affordable accommodations in Manhattan. The rooms are quite old fashioned but you won't find anything cheaper in Manhattan. The hotel is clean and cheap for New York, and is good value for money for the Manhattan area.

There’s a 5 minute walk to the Empire State Building and about 15 minutes to TTimes Square on foot.

Perfect for an evening stroll around Manhattan before walking back to your hotel. 

The Citadines Connect Fifth Avenue New York also has great promotions from time to time.

It offers really stylish rooms and is very well located. However, prices vary from 100€ to 300€ per night (£77 to £230)depending on the period. Again, check the prices for the dates of your stay – it's the best way to see the up-to-date rates.


You now know that a room in New York costs a minimum of 100-120 euros per night (£77-£92), but if you are ready to increase your accommodation budget, you can opt for a hotel close to Manhattan, or even in the heart of the district.

This would actually be ideal for a short stay, for it is in Manhattan that there are the most things to see and do: Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Broadway, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center... You will even have the opportunity to shop in the wonderful boutiques of 5th Avenue!

Unless you would rather go to the residential areas near Central Park and stay near the city's biggest museums such as the Metropolitan Museum or the Guggenheim.

Moreover, with a bigger budget (from 300 dollars/night) you will be able to select a luxury hotel and live a dream stay! And New York has no shortage of beautiful hotels!

Among the best hotels I recommend (with example of rates for a 2 people room for one night – October 2021):


Low season rate

Tuesday 1 to Wednesday 2 February 2022 

High season rate

 Wednesday 1 to Thursday 2 June 2022



hotel new york

Le Meridien



5 star hotel

A stone's throw from Central Park

Panoramic view of the city and Central Park

Rooftop bar, restaurant, gym

More info
hotel proche central park

JW Marriott

Essex House



Located opposite Central Park

Restaurant, shops, SPA, beauty centre, gym

hotel the plazza new york

The Plaza



Ideal location: next to Central Park and 5th Avenue

5 star hotel with luxurious and spacious rooms



If your budget is limited (less than 100 euros or 77 pounds for accommodation), renting a hotel room is not mandatory. There are many other, much more economical options available to you.


The first option is to rent a room from a local person. This is a good solution if you prefer to spend your money on visits and outings and if you think you will spend most of your time outside. However, if you don't want to share a bathroom and kitchen with your host, don't bother!

Another option would be to rent a furnished flat – it’s actually the best option. This can even cost you less than a hotel room would! This option is also very interesting if you are planning to travel with your family.

The most popular website for renting accommodation from local people is Airbnb. The platform has a very large number of flats but beware – demand is high. Alternatively, you can also use Abritel or Wimdu (the flats are rented by professionals) or Vrbo. New York Habitat is also an agency specialising in flat rentals.

As for rental prices, you will find flats at a wide range of prices. Some are available from as little as 110 euros/night (£85) 😊


You can get accommodation almost free of charge by lending your flat or house to strangers. In exchange, they will also lend you their home for the duration of your stay. To take advantage of this, register and create your profile on HomeExchange.

This exchange can be reciprocal (you exchange your home with New Yorkers who will be visiting France at the same time) or you can accumulate points by lending your home over the course of the year to pay for your future accommodation abroad.

To find a flat, check out sites like Intervac or HomeLink International.


youth hostel new york

Most people travelling on a budget (especially if they are alone) opt for hostel accommodation. A bed in a hostel dormitory costs about 25-30 dollars per person per night. A trifling sum compared to hotel rates!

However, don't hesitate to compare hostels with each other – prices can vary and so can accommodation conditions. Careful though: prices can quickly rise in high season!

If you are tempted by this adventure, look on Booking.com or on the reference website Hostelworld. You'll find dormitory beds and even private rooms at reduced prices! For example, you can get a single bed in a mixed dormitory in the “Broadway Hotel & Hostel” from 29 euros/night (£22).

Of course, if you are a bit worried about the quality of the dormitories, you should choose a hostel that is part of the “Hostelling International” network. Unfortunately, there is only one such hostel in New York! 🙁 It is located on the Upper West Side. All other hostels are privately owned. But it's the largest youth hostel in the country and the 2nd largest in the world: with 700 beds in all, you're bound to find a place!

Among the best hostels in New York, you can go to the “NY Moore Hostel” in Brooklyn (13-02 44th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101) which offers beds starting from 32 euros (£25) and rooms for three people starting from 101 euros (£78) in low season. "The Local NYC” in Long Island City, Queens (13-02 44th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101) is also a very good option as this hostel is very well located. It costs about 42 euros (£32) in low season and about 60 euros (£46) in high season.


For a warmer and more authentic welcome, opt for a room in a Bed & Breakfast. Breakfast will be included and you will be able to enjoy true interactions with New Yorkers during your stay.

The average cost of a night is between 66 and 156 euros (£51 and £110). For example, you can stay in a period house (1898) at “Lefferts Manor Bed & Breakfast” in Brooklyn, or in the “255West Guesthouse” in Harlem (255 W 132nd St, New York, NY 10027).


This is a new trend where people offer their couch to sleep on, for a price. You can find a list of places to sleep on the couchsurfing community website, Couchsurfing.com.

It's usually free and you can (often) meet some great people. Again, note that demand is high and you will not always find a couch available 🙁

And here too, if you value your comfort and privacy, don't even consider this option!


1) Book your accommodation as far in advance as possible (up to 6 months before the date of your stay if you can!). Yes, New York is a very popular city, and the best hotels are quickly fully booked – so make your hotel reservation as soon as you know the dates of your stay.

2) Get away from the heart of Manhattan and choose an accommodation in the Queens, Brooklyn or Harlem districts. Always choose a place not far from an underground station (preferably a 5 to 10 minute walk on foot)! Otherwise your stay will be ruined by the time you waste in transport.

3) Avoid the high tourist season, during which prices can double! For example, forget the period from April to September, the Halloween period, the NY marathon period and the Christmas holidays. Prefer a stay in January, February and March. Also note that prices are much more expensive on weekends than during the week.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, go during the off-peak period, even if it is rather cold at that time in New York. Besides, the city in the snow is just beautiful! Not to mention that you'll avoid endless queues at the entrance to the various New York attractions!

4) Use the Booking platform. This will allow you to quickly compare prices from one district to another. If you're lucky, you may even come across a good deal!

5) Don't forget to look at the comments left by hotel guests – they will often let you know which hotels are superb in terms of comfort and service, and which are disappointing or should be avoided. This way you won't waste time searching 😉

And that's it for this article on where to sleep in New York. I hope I could help you during you research for accomodation here! 😊

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