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It is often said that New York City is the centre of the world. If you go to visit Manhattan, you will see that it is the central borough of New York. If you want to go even further to the centre of the world, Columbus Circle in New York City can be considered the heart of Manhattan.

This roundabout at the southwest corner of Central Park forms the intersection of Broadway, Central Park West, Central Park South (59th Street), 8th Avenue and 60th Street, and is one of the most famous places in New York 😊

One of New York City's most iconic traffic circles

Columbus Circle was built in 1905, under the direction of William Phelps Eno, an American businessman who was very active in road safety and traffic control. His intention was to facilitate access to the largest of Central Park's entrances, located on 8th Avenue.

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At the centre of this beautiful circle is the Columbus Monument, a fountain dominated by a 21-metre high Carrara marble statue of Christopher Columbus by sculptor Gaetano Russo. The monument, which was designed in Rome, was purchased through a fund-raising campaign organised by Le Progres, an Italian-American newspaper, and was installed in New York in 1892, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. It is of course this statue, as well as the circular shape of the place, that gave its name to Columbus Circle.

The fountain and plant decorations were added in 2005 when the circle was renovated.

What to see and do in New York City's Columbus Circle?

In and around Columbus Circle in New York City are many of the city's landmarks and attractions.

Central Park

central park near columbus circle in new york

Out of those, the most famous one is of course Central Park, the largest park in the city and probably the most famous in the world. At any time of the year, it's the perfect place to enjoy a bit of greenery in the heart of one of the world's largest cities. It also offers a wide range of activities. You'll definitely want to go there if you're visiting New York in 5 days! 😄

The Shops at Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle is one of New York City's shopping and dining temples. Behind a large bay window overlooking this iconic square is The Shops at Columbus Circle – also known as the Time Warner Center. It is a large shopping mall with Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels and, above all, a large number of luxury boutiques and shops selling fashion and clothing (Hugo Boss, H&M, Michael Kors, Swarovski, etc.), books, electronics, home decoration and numerous entertainment venues.

There are also several restaurants of world-renowned chefs, such as Masa, the restaurant of three-star Japanese chef Masa Takayama, and Per Se, a superb establishment with a beautiful view of the square owned by Thomas Keller, the only American chef with several Michelin three-star restaurants 😋

In the basement, you can also discover the Whole Foods Market, a large organic market with a huge selection of food and drinks.

The Jazz at Lincoln Center

lincoln center in manhattan

The club, which is part of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the Time Warner Center, is the largest venue devoted entirely to jazz. Since 2004, it has hosted numerous weekly shows. One of New York City's best jazz clubs, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra performs year-round with concerts for all audiences and guests from around the world. If you're looking for things to do in New York, I truly recommend this activity! 🙂

The Museum of Arts and Design

This museum of contemporary art and objects was founded in 1956 and welcomes around 300,000 visitors each year.

museum of arts and design

Thousands of objects are exhibited on four floors and over a total of 5,000 m². The Museum of Arts and Design also houses lecture rooms, artists' studios, a training centre and several restaurants.

Other attractions near Columbus Circle

Several other New York attractions are within walking distance of Columbus Circle:

carnegie hall
  • The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, a large arts complex that houses the New York City Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera, among others;
  • Spyscape, the spy museum;
  • The American Folk Art Museum;
  • The Church of St. Paul the Apostle;
  • The Legoland Discovery Center Columbus.

How to get to Columbus Circle?

To get to Columbus Circle, you can take the New York Metro on the A, B, C, D, 1 and 9 lines, and get off at the 59th Street—Columbus Circle station.

That's all for this article on Columbus Circle in New York, I hope you enjoyed it! 😁 If you are planning your trip to the Big Apple, do check out my article on the New York City Pass – it can save you both time and money! And on another matter, if you are still unsure of where to stay in New York, you will find in my article some tips that may prove helpful 😉

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