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The US Open is an annual tennis tournament that is one of four Grand Slam tournaments 🎾 Held in New York City in late summer at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, it is one of the biggest sporting events in the United States 🤩 It attracts several hundred thousand spectators every year and is televised worldwide.

Find out about the dates of the event and, if you love tennis and are visiting New York in August or September, don't hesitate to attend this unique event 😀 In this article, you’ll find all the useful information on how to get tickets to attend the US Open in New York.

Tickets for the US Open Tennis tournament in New York

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Before purchasing your ticket to the US Open in New York, you must first understand the different types of tickets available to spectators:

  • The Arthur Ashe Stadium ticket gets you a numbered seat on the biggest court of the venue, but also gives you free access (without a seat, though) to all the other courts of the US Open.
  • The Louis Armstrong Stadium ticket gets you a reserved seat on the second court of the US Open, and free access to all other courts (except the Arthur Ashe Stadium). This ticket is only available for the first 9 days of the competition.
  • The Grandstand ticket gets you a seat on the third largest court of the tournament, and free access to all other courts (except the two main stadiums, mentioned above). This ticket is only available during the first 8 days of the tournament.
  • The Grounds Admission ticket allows access to all US Open courts (except the Arthur Ashe Stadium), without a designated seat, and therefore only when there are still seats available. This ticket is only available during the first 8 days of the competition. Grounds Admission tickets can be a great way to get into the first round of the tournament, as there are still many non-eliminated players and some of the big stars will therefore be playing on the smaller courts.
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For the Arthur Ashe Stadium and the Louis Armstrong Stadium, there exists a second evening session. The tickets that grant you access to this session are not different:

  • The Day Session allows access to the stadium from 9:30 am onwards, one hour before the start of the first games. Generally at the beginning of the tournament, at least 3 matches are scheduled per day on each court. The 4 types of tickets presented above are offered for the day session.
  • The Evening Session allows people to attend the matches from 7 pm onwards. Most often, this session allows you to see two matches each day. The night sessions are particularly popular and all tickets for these sessions are for a numbered seat.

How to get a ticket for the US Open in New York?

Tickets for the US Open in New York grant access to certain courts at certain times on a certain day. Before you buy your ticket, it is therefore very important to check the match schedule to get an idea of the matches you will be able to see.

Even if you can't know weeks in advance which players will be qualified for the different stages of the tournament, you can always know on which dates the different rounds are organised, and depending on the type of tickets offered, you will have a pretty good idea of the importance of the matches you can attend 😉

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Tickets can of course be bought on site, at the ticket offices or at automatic kiosks, but this only really works for Grounds Admission tickets. If you want to be sure to be able to attend the biggest matches on the main courts, I really recommend booking your US Open tickets online! Don't hesitate to book several months in advance, even, especially if you want to attend the later rounds of the competition, starting from the quarterfinals 😊


The different courts of the US Open in New York

In total, Flushing Meadows is home to 22 courts, some of which are only used for training or qualifying matches. The most famous courts are the following:

Arthur Ashe Stadium
  • The Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is also the largest tennis court in the world! With a capacity of 22,500 spectators, it is named after American tennis player Arthur Ashe, who won the US Open in 1968, becoming the first black tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament. This stadium, which obtained  a retractable roof a few years ago, is where the most important matches are played 😉
  • The Louis Armstrong Stadium, named after the famous jazz singer and musician, was once the largest stadium in the complex. It has a capacity of nearly 15,000 and is used for slightly less prestigious games than the Arthur Ashe Stadium’s.
grandstand new york
grandstand stadium
  • The Grandstand is the third largest court at the US Open. With a capacity of about 8,000, this court is mainly used for less important matches – which is of course relative when it comes to a Grand Slam tournament! You can still see some great matches there, especially in the first week 🙂 

How to get to Flushing Meadows?

Since 1978, the event has been held in Queens, in the heart of Flushing Meadows Park. To get to the venue from midtown Manhattan, you can take the New York underground on line 7 to the Mets Stadium — Willets Point station. Once there, just follow the flow of visitors or look for the event’s signs to reach the stadium entrance in a few minutes 🙂

Useful information

The US Open New York event is subject to the same rules as any other sporting event. The following items are therefore prohibited:

  • Multi-compartment backpacks,

  • Coolers or other containers,

  • Bottles and cans (except metal or plastic water bottles of 70 cl or less),

  • Aerosols,

  • Alcohol,

  • Cameras,

  • Computers,

  • Flags and banners,

  • Laser pointers,

  • Drones,

  • Tennis rackets,

  • Selfie poles,

  • Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the stadium staff (all bags may be searched at the entrance).

If you are lucky enough to attend this unique event, you will also need to follow some basic rules to make sure everything goes smoothly 😉

  • Arrive as early as possible before the matches, to avoid creating or being stuck in traffic jams at the entrances,
  • Have only one bag per visitor, and it should be of reasonable size (30x30x40 cm maximum),
  • Respect the places designated by the entrance tickets,
  • Do not smoke,
  • Keep umbrellas closed, even if it is raining lightly and the game is still on, 
  • Do not use streaming applications.

Here’s the end of this article on the US Open in New York 😁 I hope you now have all the information you need to attend this world event! 

If you want to discover other sporting events during your stay in New York, why not attend a Brooklyn Nets game or see an NFL game in NYC? And if you're wondering What to do in New York or Where to sleep in New York, don't hesitate to check my articles on the subject! 😊

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