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Where to buy tickets for NFL games in New York City?

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Among all the extraordinary things to do during your stay in New York, there is one that will leave you with a truly unforgettable experience – whether you are an American football fan or not. I’m of course talking about attending a National Football League game!

In this short guide, I explain how to find an NFL ticket and experience the intensity of an American football game – the most popular sport in the United States. Travelling is all about preparing your trip to New York City beforehand! 😁

What are the American Football Teams in New York?

new york giants

The New York Giants are the oldest team in the American National Football League. They have been among the best since 1925 and have already won 8 NFL titles – 4 of which after the creation of the Super Bowl in 1970. The team belongs to the National Football Conference Eastern Division (AFC East). It is one of the most popular in the league, its greatest rival being the Philadelphia Eagles.

The New York Jets is the other New York team that plays in the NFL. They too play in the AFC East and are based in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Created in 1959, the team was originally called the New York Titans and has participated in four conference finals, but has never made it to the Super Bowl.

Whether the Giants or the Jets, their games are always very popular – so if you want to be sure to be able to attend an NFL game, you'd better prepare beforehand and book your ticket before you even leave for New York 😉

How to book a ticket to an NFL game in New York?

It is possible to buy a ticket directly from the MetLife Stadium box office. However, there is no guarantee that there will be any seats left – and even if there are, they’ll probably be very expensive...

So if you don't want to take any risks, and avoid spending hundreds of dollars for an average seat, avoid this method and book online instead. In fact, I even recommend that you book your NFL ticket as soon as possible. Whether you want to attend a New York Jets game or a New York Giants game, you can buy your ticket online through booking platforms like Hellotickets or Ticketmaster.


How much does a ticket to an NFL game in New York cost?

Ticket prices vary widely depending on many criteria:

  • The two teams that are playing each other (depending on the ranking, but also on the history and the rivalry between the opponents);
  • The type of game (regular season, Playoffs or Super Bowl);
  • Which part of the season you’re in (high-stakes games are often those near the end of the regular season);
  • The location of your seats – usually the closest seats to the pitch are the most expensive;
  • When you book your seats.
super bowl stadium

Depending on all of these, NFL ticket prices range from around £18 to over £1,330. Jets tickets are a little cheaper (the Giants being New York's historic and favourite team). Typically, the cheapest seats for an average game cost around £62, and spending around £90 will get you into a pretty good seat. Tickets to see an NFL game in New York are relatively expensive but I truly believe seeing a game is a must in any New York travel budget 😄


When to attend an Americal Football game in New York?

The NFL regular season runs from September to late January or early February. It is divided into three phases:

  • The regular season, during which the 16 teams in each conference play each other. It is during this period (from early September to late December) that you will have the most opportunities to attend a game at the MetLife Stadium.
  • The Playoffs, in January, is a series of playoff games in which only the best teams compete. It's a time that NFL fans love – and to enjoy it too you have to go to New York in January!
  • The Super Bowl, which is held at the end of the season between the conference winners. It is the grand finale that decides the best team of the year – but of course the Super Bowl does not take place every year in New York. Most Americans celebrate the Super Bowl like they do Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

Each year, the schedule for the upcoming football season is unveiled in April, and from then on it is possible to buy tickets for the regular season games. You can get the best deals by buying your tickets as soon as possible after they go on sale.

Playoff tickets can be purchased from early January, just after the regular season ends, and Super Bowl tickets from late January. If you absolutely want to see a game, you now know exactly when to go to New York!


Note that it is also possible to attend pre-season games which take place in August, if you are visiting New York in the summer. These pre-season games help teams prepare for the season. There is also a special game at the end of January, the Pro Bowl, which is the equivalent of the NBA All-Star Game – a match-up of the best players in the NFL. It is sometimes held at the MetLife Stadium.

Upcoming New York Giants Game dates

Here are the dates of the next games in New York (2022-2023 season):

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MetLife Stadium: the only place to attend an NFL game in New York City

metlife stadium

Both New York teams play their home games at the MetLife Stadium, a stadium located in East Rutherford in eastern New York. It has a capacity of over 80,000 people and is therefore comparable in size to the Twickenham Stadium in London. It also regularly hosts other major sporting and entertainment events (WWE WrestleMania, Supercross, Copa America, etc.) and concerts by major stars (Eminem, Beyoncé, One Direction, etc.).

What are the best seats in the MetLife Stadium?

map metlife stadium

Before talking about the best locations in the stadium, you should be aware of one thing. Having a ticket will already be good enough, but being able to choose where you will be placed will be a real privilege – which will of course not be free.

The MetLife is a very well designed stadium, where it is possible to enjoy the show from anywhere in the stands. But the best seats are those on the width of the football pitch – and if possible close to the edge of the pitch. The best value seats are across the pitch and up in the stands, in sections 308-319 and 333-344.

How to get to the MetLife Stadium?

grand central new york

The stadium is not directly in New York, but just outside the city, in New Jersey. Fortunately, this is not a problem – it is easily and quickly accessible by public transport. From Midtown Manhattan, you can take the train to Penn Station (Pennsylvania Station), located right next to Madison Square Garden. This station is easily accessible by underground (especially from Grand Central Terminal) as there are 6 underground lines running through it. Penn Station is the busiest station in New York.

To get to MetLife Stadium, you will need to take the Train NJ Transit for about 10 minutes to Secaucus, before changing to the Meadowlands Rail Line to get to the stadium. Don't worry about getting lost, because on game days you'll just have to follow the crowd of fans eager to support their team!

Another option is to take the bus. The Meadowlands Express Bus Service runs on game days from the Port Authority Bus Terminal (Manhattan's main bus terminal), located in Midtown, west of Times Square.

Buses depart regularly from 2 hours and 30 minutes before kickoff to 30 minutes after. They then do the way back for about an hour after the game ends.

The exact stadium address to enter into your GPS is MetLife Stadium, 1 MetLife Stadium Drive, East Rutherford, NJ 07073.

Useful information for attending an NFL game at the MetLife Stadium

  • On the day of the match, plan to arrive at the stadium about an hour beforehand if possible. This way, you won't get stressed about being late and you will be able to explore the stadium, visit the team shop and get to your seat at leisure.
  • The average American football game lasts just under 3 hours.
  • Young children under 34 inches tall (about 86 cm) may enter free of charge, but must sit on their parents' laps. Prams are not allowed.
  • MetLife Stadium rules only allow small bags and pouches under 15 cm and clear bags under 30 cm. All bags are checked at the entrance and larger bags will have to be deposited at the luggage storage – for a price ($6 per day). To be absolutely sure, just check out the MetLife’s Clear Bag Policy on their website. 
  • There are several places in the stadium where you can buy a snack or refreshment. Prices are quite high, but you can also bring your own food purchased outside the stadium, as long as it is in a clear bag and the bottles and cans are sealed and 50cl or less in size.
  • Cameras and video cameras are allowed as long as their lens size does not exceed 6 inches. Tripods and selfie poles are not allowed.

You're now all set to see an NFL game in New York! 😄 Speaking of the Big Apple – you're probably also looking for where to stay in New York City and what to do in New York City? I’ve got just the things for you: two articles for you to learn everything about those two points! 😁

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