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Aladdin: the Broadway musical

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You will inevitably want to discover Broadway during your stay in New York City! This mythical avenue of Manhattan is famous throughout the world for its shows. One of the most popular musicals of recent years is Aladdin, the adaptation of the 1992 Disney classic.

If you really want to see Aladdin on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre, it is recommended to book your ticket in advance. This will not only save you the hassle of queuing for a ticket, but will also ensure that you have your seat reserved, all while enjoying prices that are much cheaper than what you would have to pay buying your ticket on-site.

In the following lines, I will explain the musical Aladdin and give you all the information you need to buy a ticket and enjoy the show during your stay in New York City! 😉

Aladdin on Broadway, an enchanting show

Much more than just a Broadway musical, "Aladdin” is a true family blockbuster. It is an internationally acclaimed musical in which everything is done to give the audience a magical experience.

In a deluge of colours and lighting effects, all the sets of the animated film have been reproduced on stage, and you will be immersed right away in an atmosphere worthy of the best tales of the Arabian Nights. Nothing is missing – not even the famous flying carpet scene

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Of course, all the songs from the Disney classic are performed during the show, such as Prince Ali and A Whole New World. But the show also takes some liberties with the original work: the writing is more modern, the humour is even more prominent, and a few songs were composed specifically for the musical.

Also, if English isn’t your mother tongue or if you travel with children, no worries: the musical can be understood even if you have trouble with understanding that language, and your childhood memories will easily help you understand what your eyes see on stage 😉


Tickets to see Aladdin on Broadway

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Running since 26 February 2014, the show has quickly become one of the most popular Broadway musicals. The theatre sells out for almost every performance, so ticket prices are quite high. It is therefore much more convenient to book your ticket online. A bonus: if you buy several tickets online and at the same time, you will be seated next to each other!

The best prices for 1 pm shows are generally available from:

  • £72.25 for balcony seats,
  • £117.20 for seats in the orchestra area / first floor.

These prices vary depending on which row you are seated in. The most popular seats, those in the centre of the orchestra area, can cost over $500! If you're still unsure which seat to choose to see the show, I explain it all a bit further down in the article.

Buy tickets to see the musical Aladdin

Aladdin is one of the most famous and popular Broadway productions. So, if you already know the dates of your stay in New York City, I recommend booking at least 2 months in advance, or even earlier if you can! Of course, you can always go and buy your ticket at the theatre box office, but you won't have control over either the date of the representation or your seat – if there are any tickets left at all 🙁

Therefore, by buying your Aladdin tickets online, you can choose the location of your seat and get the best prices. It's also the only way to ensure you get a seat on the date of your choice!

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Pay less to see the musical Aladdin on Broadway

If you believe in luck – and more specifically, in your own luck – or if you suddenly feel like attending a performance of Aladdin while already in New York City, you can try your luck at one of the TKTS booths. These booths, which can be found in several locations throughout New York City, offer discounts on unsold tickets.

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Aladdin being an extremely popular comedy, it is quite rare that tickets are available at these booths. But it doesn't hurt to try – especially if you're travelling outside the peak tourist seasons! Even if no tickets for “Aladdin” are available, you can still find a great deal (up to 50% off) for another Broadway show. You can find TKTS booths in Times Square, Lincoln Center and Downtown Brooklyn, among other places.

The other way to get a seat for a good price is to participate to the ticket lottery. All you have to do is register for the draw and if you are lucky, you may get two well-situated tickets for only £26.45 each. The draws take place at the latest the day before the performance, at 7 pm.

As you can see, these solutions may help you get discounted tickets – but you can never be 100% sure of actually getting any. However, if it is Aladdin and nothing else that you want to see during your trip to New York City, buying your ticket on the internet is, in my opinion, the best solution in order to be sure to get a ticket to see the show 😊

Broadway musicals 🎭

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If you're a fan of musicals, there's no reason why you can't see more than one during your stay! Whether you want to go back to your childhood and see The Lion King or Harry Potter, or whether you want to discover mythical shows like Moulin Rouge! or Chicago – you have a very large choice and they are all worth discovering! However, tickets sell out fast, especially for the most famous productions. Again, I can only recommend booking your tickets as soon as you know your travel dates to New York! 😊


Useful information

The best seats to enjoy the show

The auditorium is extremely well designed, and you can enjoy a very good view of the stage from any of the seats. The only thing that may interfere with the view, if you are in the balcony, is a support pole. Acoustics were a major concern during the renovation, so you will not have to worry about hearing the actors and singers perfectly, no matter where you sit.

view balcony aladdin

View from the balcony

view mezzanine aladdin

View from the mezzanine

view orchestra aladdin

View from the orchestra

Depending on where you choose to sit, the price will vary. However, dress circle seats offer a good compromise: they are very ideally situated to see the whole stage and special effects, and their prices are not the highest! 😊

Where to see Aladdin on Broadway?

Broadway performances of Aladdin take place in the New Amsterdam Theatre, one of Broadway's most distinctive theatres. It is a fairly old theatre, having first opened in 1903 before becoming a cinema in 1937. In 1994, the Walt Disney Company bought this theatre – as well as many others in the area – and completely renovated it, with the help of renowned engineers and artists.

Here is its full address:

New Amsterdam Theatre,

214 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, United States

The history of the musical Aladdin

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This musical, which will appeal to both children and adults, tells the story of Aladdin, a young resident of Agrabah, who survives day-to-day by stealing food from the market. After a misadventure, he meets Princess Jasmine and finds himself imprisoned, falsely accused of trying to kidnap her.

Jafar, the Grand Vizier and advisor to the Sultan, secretly dreams of seizing power and learns of a mysterious cave containing a magic lamp that will give its owner immense powers. Unwilling to risk entering the cave himself, he decides to use Aladdin to retrieve the lamp. The young thief discovers the magic lamp and manages by chance to summon a genie with practically unlimited powers, who tells him that he can grant him the three wishes that are most dear to him 🧞‍♂️

Aladdin, who is charmed by Princess Jasmine, shares his very first wish with the genie: to become a prince... But will he be able to win over the beautiful Jasmine, even though Jafar will stop at nothing to eliminate the Sultan and take his place?

We are coming to the end of this article! I hope you enjoyed it and that you now know more about the musical “Aladdin” on Broadway 🙂 Feel free to ask me questions in the comments if you need more information! If you're planning your trip as you read this, I humbly recommend reading my articles on what to do in New York and where to stay in New York – they should prove helpful! 😉

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