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If you’re wondering what to do in New York, seeing a musical during your stay will leave you with a memorable experience for sure! In addition to Broadway musicals, others can also be seen elsewhere in New York 🙂 Indeed, throughout Manhattan and other parts of the city, it is possible to see Off-Broadway shows – some of which are just as famous as those of the Theater District.

One of the most popular of these Off-Broadway shows is the Blue Man Group musical, a show that combines music, comedy, theatre and dance, and has been seen by over 35 million people in New York and around the world! 😃

Blue Man Group: a musical like no other!

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While Blue Man Group is now the name of a world-famous musical show, it was originally the name of a band (also known simply as Blue Man or BMG) founded in 1987 on Manhattan's Lower East Side by three young artists: Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton.

Since then, many other artists have participated in the Blue Man Group, and several troupes are now performing in other theatres in the United States (Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas...) and around the world (Sidney, Vienna, Toronto, Tokyo, Berlin...). In 2017, the group even joined Cirque du Soleil – the world’s largest contemporary circus company! But the original Blue Man Group will always be the one from Manhattan.

The Blue Man Group musical has received numerous awards, including an Off Broadway Alliance Awards' Audience Choice Award for Best Long-Running Show 🙂 The members of the Blue Man have entered popular culture to the point where these bald, blue-skinned characters are often recognised even by people who have no idea the musical exists. They have been seen on TV commercials for Intel processors, for example.

Humour, rhythms and percussion, lights and colourful costumes... this unusual musical show has some very nice surprises in store for you 😀 It has often been defined as revolutionary by journalists. The artists divert objects from their everyday use (antennas, PVC pipes, spatulas...) to make musical instruments that produce amazing sounds!


How much do tickets cost to see Blue Man Group in Manhattan?

The advantage of Off-Broadway shows is that they are held in slightly less prestigious theatres. This means that tickets are often more affordable than those for the biggest Broadway shows, such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Chicago or Phantom of the Opera.

But Blue Man Group remains a very popular show, selling out almost every night. Ticket prices vary depending on seat location, but generally prices start at around £53 in the Mezzanine zone [D], and around £75 in the Orchestra zone [A, B, C].

Where to buy tickets for the Blue Man Group musical?

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The musical sells out at almost every performance, so if you decide to wait until you are in Manhattan to buy your tickets at the theatre box office, you will have to rely on luck to find one or more seats available.

That's why the most convenient and safest way is to book your tickets online to see Blue Man Group. Don't wait until the last minute either, if you want to find the best seats at the best prices and have a wider choice of locations in the theatre. If you already know the exact dates you will be in New York, don't hesitate to book 2 to 3 months in advance 👍

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Who is the Blue Man Group show for?

Blue Man Group is one of the few great musical shows in New York that really does appeal to all audiences 🙂 This highly original and humorous family show is entirely dialogue-free, so there's no obligation to speak English (for those whose mother tongue isn’t English), and the musical can easily be understood by the whole family. Children are allowed in the theatre from 4 years old. The show lasts about 1.5 hours.

However, if you are afraid of loud sounds, do not hesitate to bring hearing protection – the music can be very loud!

Musicals on Broadway 🎭

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Not sure which musical you want to see in New York yet? That’s understandable – there are so many options! Between a Broadway show like Harry Potter or Wicked, or a show in other theatres in the city, making a choice is really not easy. If you are in New York for several days and have the opportunity, you can also decide to see several! 😁 To see all the musicals available for your dates, click on the button below ⬇️


How to choose your seat at the Astor Place Theatre?

The Astor Place theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the city. It is a beautiful historic building with a fairly small auditorium. The advantage is that the atmosphere here is special – much more intimate than in the big Broadway theatres. On the other hand, the audience seats are quite close to each other and they are not the most spacious or comfortable either.

Overall, a large majority of the seats are equal. You will never be too far from the stage, and you will always enjoy good acoustics. The best value seats are those in Zone B. Only Zone C seats, i.e. rows Q to S at the back of the Orchestra Zone, offer a slightly worse visibility.

If you choose to sit in Zone A, which is the first 4-5 rows of the orchestra area, just in front of the stage, know that you will most likely be splashed during the show ☔ But no worries: ponchos will be provided beforehand (which is why Zone A is nicknamed "Poncho Rows" 😂).


How to get to the Astor Place Theatre?

The Astor Place Theatre is not located on Broadway itself, which is why Blue Man Group is what is known as an "Off-Broadway" show. But the famous avenue is really not very far from the theatre that hosts the Blue Man Group – it is just a few steps away. The theatre is located in Manhattan, in the SoHo neighbourhood, and more precisely on a street perpendicular to and adjacent to Broadway.

You can reach the theatre very easily via the New York metro. The nearest underground station is Astor Place (line 6), which is less than a 2-minute walk away. You can also get off at the Bleecker Street/Broadway – Lafayette Street station, which is just a short walk away, but is served by the 4, 6, B, D, F and M lines.

The exact address of the Astor Place Theatre is:

434, Lafayette St.

That's all for this article on the Blue Man Group musical! I hope you now have all the info you need to discover this original show on your next trip to New York 😀 Also, feel free to check out my articles on when to go to New York and where to stay in New York if you are planning your trip 😊

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